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Is it normal and why does my 6 month old ambilobe hang upside-down like 60% of the day no matter where he's at haha?
im not to sure but i do not thinbk that this is a desired action of a cham for so much of their time. have you put up a how to ask for help form it really helps members anwser your question. as well as pics of your cham and setup
to upload pics i use facebook, i open the pick in facebook right click goto proporties copy the http shortcut then goto your post of cham forum and use the insert image function and paste what u copyied right over the http:// you see.
your setup looks pretty good i would prob concider adding some more large sticks or some fexible biovine for you cham to walk around on, also i notice something on the bottom most keepers here keep a bare bottom as your cham may accidentally ingest some of it and can cause serious problems, same goes for the soil in the plants. use so small rocks to cover the soil or some screen so he cant get at the dirt. Lastly that guy with the gun looks mean LoL
hahaha your'e funny dude, thx for your input I'll consider putting more distinct climbing sticks in there.
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