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His most recent urates have been more and more white however I know sunken eyes are another telling sign and would just like another quick opinion as a gauge on his eyes
Thank you!

have you tryed srynge wattering him he looks young enough to try and take to it. do you have a dripper runing ? and how often do you mist ?
a cool trick i learned was useing a srynge with a nedle and in jecting water in to the crickets or soft fleshed worms for a few days worked like a charm
I know im new here but his eyes dont look sunken into his head to me. There's a thread on here called "show me your veileds" check it out and look at their eyes to compare
Your Cham looks fine, if anything he may be tired. Some times my boys get sleepy eyes that look a little more wrinkly than normal.

Your chams eyes looks fine too me! Have you ever tried giving him a shower? Put a plant in the bathtub and point the shower head towards the wall so it bounces back onto the plant and you cham. Make sure the water is not to hot where you can burn your cham. I believe this is a very good,and I works well too.

Try it out, have him in the shower for maybe about 15-20 minutes supervised. But to me your chams eyes doesn't look bad! GOOD LUCK HUN!
Thank you all very much :3
We now have a basic dripping system set up (my dad is at home looking after him whilst I'm on holiday) so I will try the shower an see how he takes too it when in back if he still hasn't drunk from the new dipping set up
I mist minimum of 3 times a day for about 2 minutes (the spray is resonantly heavy for the humidity levels ) and then every now and then to keep water in the plants available however I will find how he ha taken to the dripping system when I am home :)
I have a glass via at the moment so I cannot spray too much too heavily for Lin periods of time as some people suggested 10-15 minutes to me previously in one go multiple times a day, even without a glass via I would imagine the enclosure being soaked and the Cham drenched to the bone. I have been sent pictures of him shedding whilst on holiday and he looks good still :)
Thank you for your opinions I can comfortably use this picture if him as a reference and not worry every two seconds that in missing something important
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