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Hey guys... I'm from Puerto Rico and if you dont know this is a tropical island. so we have rain almost every day. But when the sun is out is really hot

I'm thinking about making a big enclosure for my veiled for the outside. I was thinking to use it a lot because my family recent bought some air conditioners (inverters) because is really hot. So i can't have him inside because he would freeze. So I'm worry about how to get a enclosure outside if is always rainy.

I'm thinking to make two enclosure one for the outside and one another for the garage where we have a sitting and family area for the night, But at day i want him to take most of the sun light he can have. But if rain what should i do? put him in the other enclosure or leave him there?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

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I would lay plywood on part of the top so he can get out of the rain. The plywood might also serve as a sun barrier depending on the angle of the sun.

Leave him in natural sunlight and fresh air whenever possible, I wouldn't move him in at night, unless you have night predators or it is too cold.

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