Questions about my female panther chameleon not receptive


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I have a female Ambilobe panther, which is about one year old and never laying eggs.
Pic 1 and 2: just took when she sleeps
Pic 3: I tried to put my male panther into her cage few days ago.
She wasn't receptive to my male cham, and always wanted to run away. But her color was pink when I put them together. Anyone knows what is going on? Or it just takes time


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I prepared a laying bin but she never used it, and I could not feel there is any eggs in her belly.
Do you see any little egg sized lumps near her back end? Just keep the laying bin as a permanent part of her enclosure. I know zero about breeding chams, but I would be inclined to think that she should maybe go thru at least one cycle of infertile eggs before breeding. No idea why I think this and I’m probably wrong. I guess at the least if one did that, they would know her body is mature enough and could keep an eye out for her next receptive cycle.


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Just from what I have read she should be given the opportunity to at least lay one infertile clutch. This goes along with what @MissSkittles said above. This way you also know approximately how many eggs she will lay and if she can do so successfully. Then you can be prepared for how many babies you will then have to care for. I suggest doing a lot more research before jumping into breeding.
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