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Hello all! New cham owner here and I had a few questions about feeding. Hope someone can help out a newbie. :D I expect to get a younger jackson from the local pet shop. Cage size is 175 gal.

So how many crickets should I feed at one time? I have been reading that anywhere from 5-8 "offered" is best. So what if he doesn't eat them I have to go and find each one and take it out? Is it okay to leave them for a few days?

And how should I go about feeding worms. Hand feed? If I leave them in a dish..what is the best spot for the dish? Down low or up high?

You guys have a really great forum here. I have been scourging the internet for answers to questions and found this great gem! Thanks for any advice you may have.

Aloha to all 808 Kam lovers! :)
I have a jacksons as well. when I first got him, I used a cup for about 2 weeks, just to see if he is eating. I placed 2 cups in the cage, one on top and one close to the bottom. Gave him the option to choose:)

Now I feed him mainly silkworms and I don't see the point of using a cup when I feed him silkworm. so maybe use cup feeding method first to see if he/she eats, then go from there!

By the way, my jacksons isn't a big eater, maybe 3-4 worms a day
Kam808, before you buy a cham. What island do you live on? There are options from W.C (wild caught), C.B (captive bred), & LTC (long term captive). Depending on what is available, C.B or LTC would probably be best. In the begining I'd expect chams to eat less in there new home. As they acclimate they will eat more. For example my 4" female eats 1-2 1" gut loaded cockroches every 1-2 days. My 7" male eats 3-4 everyday, 9" female 3-6 everyday, and my 11.5" male 5-10 everyday.
Check out the posts from user Pukakeha. He has asked some really good questions that may help.
Awesome you guys, thanks for the advice!

spuds, I stay on Oahu and am looking at getting captive bred. I know they are all over in the wild out here, but I have no experience and heard that captive bred is better for begginers. I just want the little guy to thrive..

Man it sounds like you have some large chams!! 11"! Wow! Thanks for all the tips and Ill check out that guys posts too.

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