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So, I'm a new chameleon owner and have had my veiled chameleon for about a month now. He's almost 7 months old. My set up for the lights included three dome fixtures with a night time infrared light, basking light, and a uvb. Just a few days ago I bought a light fixture that houses all three lights. Now, they do not hang straight down, instead point sideways. Anyways, getting to the point, my chameleon did not eat today like he normally does and has hung from the top of the habitat, which he has never done in my home. Is this just coincidence, or does he have to get used to this way of lighting? Trying to find out what you guys think. Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks! Oh, and the lights are closer to the mesh cage, just the light doesn't cover as much area.

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you should have no lights on at night. They need darkness to sleep. I would not shine them in sideways. I would use the two uvb and uva for basking and hang them over the top.
I was told to use a night time infrared light...but alright. And the way my fixture is, I can't point them down. Thanks for the tips!
The light disrupts their sleep. They can still sort of see it. Also unless your house is freezing at night, it's actually good for their temperature to drop. They can drop into the 60s. If it too cold at night though people use ceramic heat emitters.
Alright, thanks. So has any of this made it so he wont eat as much? On a side note, I've never seen him drink water, but he look healthy.
A lot of people rarely see their chameleons drink. Are you running a dripper or just misting? Any type of changes to the cage may affect your chameleon. They are really creatures of habit. It might be beneficial for you to fill out the how to ask for help form in the health clinic section. If someone told you that you need a light at night, they may also may have given you more incorrect information.
New owner myself and I was corrected on the same lighting mistake and just tonight I corrected it. My female veiled is fast passed out which up till now hasn't been the norm.. So changing the night lighting to no lighting was very valuable advice...
Yea, I'll do that. Even with the night light I would see him fast asleep. I mist several times daily and run a homemade dripper at the moment until I buy a mister system and find one that's worth it. Any you guys think that's worth the buy?
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