Question for the Veteran Panther Breeders (hatchling set-ups)


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Ok so I'm new to breeding panther chameleons (I generally only breed ball & blood pythons, & various gecko species) and have Nosy Falys (Blizzard x Iceman lines) set to hatch in the near future. They've been incubating since November and are growing and looking great when candled.

Anyway, I've looked through the forum archives and found varying information but what baby set-up works best not only for ventilation but to ensure the least amount of feeder (fruit flies & crickets) escapes.

I don't really like the plastic tub idea because of the lack of airflow & pooling of water from misting and the all screen cages seem like they'd be an issue because of the cracks between front door panels so feeders would have easy escape routes there also...

Also should we use live plants or fake vines & plants or a combination?

Pictures if possible would be great!

Any help will be appreciated!
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