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ok so my male pygmy spends a lot of time on the ground/bottom of cage and when i say a lot i mean like most of the time i see him. he seems to be always looking for a way out and im just a little sketched out. im not a total newb i have owned a veiled before i purchased these two pygmies and i know that the veileds shouldnt be on the bottom but pygmies can spend some time down there. i just figured he wouldnt be down there for so long. should i be worried about this, he eats fine and theres plenty of poo so theres no impaction problems. like i said im just a little sketched these are my first pygmies and i want to do things right. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

btw-when they are not down at the bottom they are usually at the top hanging upside down is this something to be worried about too?
Is he hanging out in a corner pawing at the glass or his he just wandering about – any digging (yeah, I know it’s a male)? What are the temps like? The bottom of the enclosure will be the coolest so MAYBE it’s too warm. It not all that uncommon for a pygmy to prefer hanging around the bottom of the tank – I have male myself that tends to do that. How long have you had the pygmies?

hes all around, sometimes pawing at the glass in the corner. the temps are pretty stable and i dont see any probs with them around 70-75 F during the day and mid to low 60's at night. ive had the two for about a week now. and thank god its you who replied b/c now i have a new question. i just witnessed the two mating and im not entirely sure on how to act from here like i dont know when they will lay the eggs and how long it will take for them to hatch or anything like that. i need as much info as you can give me. thanks in advance.
Those temps sound perfect and if he isn’t trying to burry himself in the moist soil then the humidity is probably ok too. He probably just needs to settle in if you’ve had him only a week. My very first female brev that I got stayed in one corner up in a plant for 2 weeks straight – so sometime they need time to adjust to their new environment especially if they are wild caught. That can take just one day, a week, three weeks, a month – depends on the cham. He can’t all be that bothered if he is breeding too.

I am not exactly sure what the gestation time is for females but she will grow noticeably in size and a few days prior to laying she will scope out the ground for a suitable nesting spot. There is nothing you need to do at this point and 90% of the time the female will lay the eggs towards the back of the enclosure and roughly between 10am and noon – that’s if your lights come on at 7AM like mine do.

You find eggs or see the female digging then get back to me and we’ll go from there.

Bugboy, I have only had my brevs a little while, but one of the males I had liked to hang out on the bottom, too, for a while. He had one corner he'd be in, and one time I realized he was watching the guppy in the 1g tank right next to his tank! I put a piece of paper on that side of the tank, to block his view; he doesn't sit on the bottom so much any more, but I don't know if that's why.

My pair just mated last week, also; so it will be interesting to see which of us has eggs first and when! Are yours cb, or wc?
roo thats good to hear and ill def get back to u when she lays or starts diggin. jleahl ill also keep u posted as to when she lays. and im not 100% sure but i think the parents are cb.
ok now im a little worried again he seems to be i would say not really burrowing himself but he seems to be trying to push himself into the soil. is this normal?
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