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I recently got a pair of female pygmys and was wondering what is the best way to feed them? I let about 8 crickets go in the tank but they keep hiding in the substrate. I tried packing it down a little to make it harder but it doesn't seem to be stopping them from hiding. I'm worried that my little pgymys wont be able to find them. Does anyone have any suggestion about this? Also, should I remove the crickets at night?
hey alicia! congrats on the pygs!! i wouldnt worry too much about them finding their food, theyre avid hunters!! mine tend to hang out just above the substrate and wait for dinner to walk by lol and i wouldnt worry about a couple crickets leftover unless youre expecting neonates which could be eaten by the crickets. they tend to leave the adults alone i dont know if its thier size or the way they vibrate in defense. Good luck with your addition!!
As long as you put the feeders in when the pygmies are awake, they will find them. They will eat when they are hungry. Healthy adults are fine if there are leftover crickets. I prefer not to cup feed, so they can have an opportunity to hunt.
I've just been releasing crickets into their terrarium. Trust me they will find them. I haven't had any problems.
Ok I figured they would be able to find them when they get hungry, I found feces in the tank so I know they are eating :). Thanks for the replies!
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