Pygmy feeder options


I've been researching the keeping of pygmy species and am wondering if crickets are absolutely necessary as the main diet. I currently produce two species of springtail, three species of isopods, and D. melanogaster. I can also easily begin culturing D. hydei as well.

Do you think that is enough variety, or should I also add a larger feeder (cricket/roach)?
Fruit flies, tiny pinhead crickets and other BABY bugs will usually do.

Up to 3 staple feeder bugs are recommended, but make sure they are safe for the pygmies to eat.

Honestly it sounds like you're set. Other than that just make sure the bugs are no bigger than the largest part of their mouth/space between their eyes.
Thanks. Small feeders are no problem for me. I keep and breed mostly Oophaga and Ranitomeya species dart frogs, so what I currently culture is all edible for them.

My main concern was whether or not what I was currently culturing would supply enough calories as a staple for the pygmys.
Anyone have opinions to the contrary, or should I be ok with the feeders I mentioned in the initial post?
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