pygmy compared to veileds

I don't keep a veiled, but I do have a panther. Since the care is similar to a veiled, probably looking at about the same thing. Personally, I think the r. brevs require more care. I fuss with them more. Spencer.. I give him food, fill his misting system, clean his cage. He is pretty happy. The brevs.. just finding all of them in the big tank is hard sometimes. And, I want to see each one every day, so that means looking carefully to make sure everyone is alright. When they get sick, force feeding and medicating a tiny animal is a LOT different than a panther. The cages are completely different, and require a lot of care. Pruning the plants has become a pretty major thing lately. Keeping the grass scraped, checking the soil for nasty bugs that aren't supposed to be there, etc. They are a pretty major investment of time. And, I didn't even mention hunting for eggs and then caring for neonates. On an average day, I probably spend an hour and a half on the 2 brev enclosures and 15 minutes on my panther.

I'd say it depends on how you look at the situation. While the care is totally different, I'd judge what was easier base on time spent. It's easier to set up a true chameleon cage than it is to create a nice brev enclosure. If hand misting, it's easier to mist a pygmy tank for 30 seconds than it is to mist a true cham for 20 minutes... but if you have an auto mister, that changes everything. Keeping a true cham's cage clean is easier than picking waste out of an overgrown brev tank. Etc etc...

As you can see, there are plenty of variables. In general, I'd say you will spend the same amount of time maintaining a group of 3 or so brevs in an enclosure as you do tending for one veiled. I do think that brevs are less stressful however, and they don't bite or hiss either ;)
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