pygmy chameleon lighting


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I'm wanting to get some pygmy chameleons and there's a lot of debate on their lighting, does anyone here know what lights they need?
Theres a care sheet on the top where it says resources i don't see the need for uvb and don't offer it, i will also not offer it to my newborns when they hatch.
Yes, a lots of resources say lighting is optional or you dont need any light. I came across an articles saying something like althought the pygmies are living low to the ground compare to other chameleons but they still get small amount of UVB from the sun. They recommened using a uvb 2.0 or a used 5.0. I started with old (more than half year used) UVB 5.0 but I find that it is kinda too strong so I go and brought a new uvb 2.0 which I think it much better for them. They seems to look comforty and sometime they like to stay at the top of the branches close to the light. I dont havebasking light for them. The ubv light give off enought heat from I live since they dont require a hight temp. Sometime in the hot summer day I might have to move the light higher to aviod getting too hot.
I agree with the above, we had a pygmy for a couple years and she did well with a 2.0 UVB bulb, no heat lamp. ( she was in a fully planted tank, that's really why we had the uvb ).
sorry to bother you again but ive just looked up 2.0 UV lights and it says one is

2.0 15 Watts and the other is 2.0 26 Watts. what is the difference between the two?
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