Pygmy cham easy?

Pygmy cham easy?

Yes and no. If you meet thier needs are consistent with care then you should do well. What makes a world of difference is whether you get CB or WC. I personally have had had very few WC brevs last more then a year while my CB group which is 1.5 years old is doing well and kicking out lots of very nice looking critters.

Read the article, it should answer most of your questions and if you are interested in some CB brevs then PM me.

Thanks guys. I have read every article there is about them. But I just saw a Jacksons at the pet store, and I am now stuck as to whcih to get. I am wanting the pygmies since they are cheaper to set-up and breed, and you can have multiple ones. But with the Jacksons, they just look so neat, and since they are bigger, it seems like they would be more active and fun to watch.

I am basically trying to decide which is more active, and enjoyable to watch. And since the brevs are so small, I am afraid that I will just loose them in there and it wont be any fun to watch them since they will hide... Someone help me out here!
Hehehe, trust me that many pygmy chameleon species can be just as active as any Old World Chameleon species. Upon keeping pygmies you can basically sell your television and cancel your cable subscription.

Half the fun of keeping them is finding them in the terrarium. And finding babies too! Knowing that you have been sitting there scanning the cage for 10 minutes before you find them, and all the while they have been watching back at you.
Will is right ... they are fun to try and find them and they are no more or no less active then my carpets and veiled. Since they are communal ... watching breeding and attempts at breeding is pretty entertaining and they do breed quite well with no real extra attention like true chams. Hand feeding them is pretty easy to if you want - just not ALL the time.

At one time I would say they are not a beginner cham since there wasn’t a lot of info on them - but now more people are into them now so there are experienced keepers out there to chat with. It also depends on the "beginner" - so I can’t give you a straight answer really.

Compared to a Jax (especially one from a pet store), I would say you would have a more enjoyable time keeping pygmies.

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