PVC & Screen Enclosure


Just recently received a Male Veiled and his cage is getting too small, My female veiled is partially free ranged but now with the male I want to make a big enclosure and let them each have there own side with a piece of dark plexiglass between them so they can't see each other. I have 2 metal racks and was thinking of putting PVC pipe over the metal poles attching the screen on all sides and top and bottom have 2 tubs to catch the water. it would be 12x36x52. each chameleon. Picture only shows 1 metal rack thee will be 2, also putting extra pvc across top to stablize top for lighting and hanging plants. I would frame the rack in pvc, putting pvc right over the metal poles use glue and zip ties to attach the screen. . Use velcro to open the whole front for cleaning, like the one in the picture. Does this sound like a descent habitat any other ideas that would be useful I appreciate the input


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