Proteus from 7 to 14 months old


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Here is my Ambilobe Proteus. I got him from Dez back in late January. Just wanted to share his color change from then to now. He was roughly about 7 months old when I got him.

Here are some shots from Dez before he arrived.

Other side

A week or two after being with me


Sleeping shot around 8 months. He is more red at this age.

Around 10-11 months

Other side, showing his aquas!

Sleeping around a year old. More orange now instead of red!

And here he is now. A little fired up, hating the camera lol!

His bars are seeming to go more purple now.

On fire!

13-14 months


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Wow he is looking sharp!

His colors will continue to change. Its always exciting to see the transformation.

He looks very happy.
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