Proper Lights for Basking


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Hi everyone!

I'm looking to pick up a chameleon (I'll be a first time owner) and I wasn't clear on basking lights for chameleons. I was wondering if a good UVB bulb and a ceramic heat emitter are enough to provide the needed heat and light for a chameleon. Or would I require a bulb that emits heat and light instead of the ceramic heat emitter?

Thanks in advance and let me know if I need to clarify anything about my query.
You need a uvb bulb and a uva/basking bulb. Most of us use the 5.0 tube style for uvb. Reptisun is the most popular brand. An ordinary white housebulb will do for the basking bulb. I would not use a heat emitter during the day. You want to brighten up the cage and also simulate the light from the sun. A heat emitter can be used at night if your temps are going to be too cold.
Thanks for clarifying! I'd heard differing accounts from my searches online and just wanted to make sure. The speedy response is much appreciated
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