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  1. Kimmers

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    These seem to be the most common panther locales. How about a little help with the pronunciation? Please and thank you!
    Nosy Be
    Nosy Faly
    Nosy Mitsio
  2. SaintJimmy

    SaintJimmy Established Member

    1. Ahhm-bayn-juh
    2. Ahhm-bee-lobe
    3. Nose-ee-bee
    4. Nose-ee-fall-ee
    5. Nose-ee-mitt-see-oh
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  3. Trace

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    Madagascar is an old French colony and while Malagasy is spoken it still retains a large French influence. They are pronounced as such:

    Am BAN Jah
    Am BEE Low Bay (Not lobe)
    Naw See Bay (Not nosy)
    Naw See Folly
    Naw See MitSeeOh
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  4. Lancelot117

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    How is "sambava" pronounced then?
  5. SaintJimmy

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  6. SaintJimmy

    SaintJimmy Established Member

    Also sorry if I haven't been pronouncing them right, but that's just how I hear them in videos. That's just how the breeders and people who own them say it.
  7. Kimmers

    Kimmers New Member

    I had no idea about the language origin. Thanks for the help. It's like saying Betta fish. It's Beh-ta not bay-ta.

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