Promoting Baby Growth

I have two Parsonii Cristifer babies, hatched July of 2018. I have one that is now 3 grams and the other is only 1.5. Any tips on bulking up my little tyke? Thanks!
Just out of curiosity, are these the $200 C. parsonii cristifer babies from Backwater Reptiles? I'd be interested to see pics of them! :)

Yes, they are Backwater Babies! Backwater definitely lived up to its poor reputation however. They came to me covered in burns at only two weeks old. However, with some round the clock care and TLC my babies are strong and healthy! This is what they look like today :)


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I will definitely look into BSF! They haven't had those yet. Thank you jann!
The bsfl lovvvveeee any kind of squash, collard green stalks, carrots. They are actually GREAT for gutloading. They eat pretty quick. My gliders, bearded dragon, and chameleons all love them. And then its a bonus when they turn to flies. you can buy super small sizes and they really dont grow too fast.
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