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Chameleon Info:

Your Chameleon - Blue bar ambilobe, Male, ~5 mths old. I have owned him for 3 mths. now. His name is Herbert

Handling - I handle Herbert 2-3 times a week

Feeding - I feed Herbert mainly crickets, silkworms, and horned worms. 15-20, 1-2, 0-1 per day. I always feed him crickets in a feeding jug I have created (thanks to the help from fellow members here) in the morning either @ 0730 hrs or prior (if i have to work, shift worker) and if i'm home I'll pass him a silk worm or two by noon and no later than 1600hrs. I only gutload the crickets and I use a variety of fruits and vegetables (currently carrots, kale, apple, orange, cucumber)

Supplements - Zoomed calcium WITH D3 Mondays every 2 weeks, Herptivite multivitamin Mondays alternating with Zoomed calcium WITH D3 every 2 weeks. Flukers Calcium WITHOUT D3 everyday. Sunday I dont dust.

Watering - I prefer to use a hand held mister because I find that Herbert reacts better to the water when I spray (he loves it) and I do that 3-4 times a day for maybe 2-5 minutes. For the days when I'm on 12 hr shifts then I also have a Monsoon automatic mister that is set to run on a wall outlet timer (cuz of all the issues i've read about its own timer) ~3 times a day for a varied 30-120 seconds. (I'm not in love with my Monsoon but it cost too much to dump). I regularly see Herbert drink (loves to shoot for water drops) but not always.

Fecal Description - Herbert's droppings are 2 colored (brown and white) umm soft? poolike? i normally pick it up out of the cage if it's on a leaf or floor. it looks the same as it has been for the last 2 months. I have never tested him for parasites and I am unsure if the store I bought him from did.

Cage Info:

Cage Type - 2x2x4 mesh cage.
Lighting - I currently have the Exo terra solar glo 125 W running for him as well as a Zilla strip light. turns on and off on a timer set to 0730-1930 hrs.

Temperature - Basking ~90F, Floor ~74F, Night time can be between 70-73F sometimes high 60s. I have 2 sets of Zilla digital combo thermometer/hygrometers. I have 1 pair hanging from the very top of the cage as a baseline and the second set I put in every so often to check his basking site to make sure the number's what it's supposed to be (which is another question. the numbers vary from day to day but only by a degree or 2 but it's weird to me that it would do that. anyhow)

Humidity - At the very top of the cage the humidity is 63%. Bottom of the cage is 75%. HUmidifier set to run 3 times a day for ~2hrs each time @ 0730-0930, 1200-1400, 1630-1830hrs. Zilla digital thermometer/hygrometer

Plants - Scheflerra (sp?) and pothos vines lined around the cage to created some more climbing opportunities.
Placement - Cage is in my bedroom, there are no fans, vent is on the other side of the room, traffic is minimal (depends how often i'm coming in and out. or how often my family sneaks into my room to check him out cuz they've fallen in love with Herbert) the top of the cage is approximately 5-5.5 feet from the floor? I have places the cage on top of a table that provides it a little more height.

Location - Ontario, Canada.

SO. to the problem :p

If I could refer your attention back to the "Supplements" section. My problem with Herbert is that for the last week and a half or so he's been shooting soil. It has been brought to my attention that he might be doing that because he is looking for nutritional needs that he's not getting from me. I was wondering what I should do alternatively with his supplementation schedule or if perhaps I need to be gutloading his crickets with food highest in calcium as recommended under the resources section of this site because I have currently only been using "carrots, oranges, cucumbers" for the most part.

Thanks for the help.
Also, I have the soil covered and he hasn't been able to get to it for the last week but I get the feeling he'd shoot it again if i uncovered it. He's also been chewing on the pothos vine from time to time.

Well then, don't uncover the dirt. :rolleyes:

As for the vines, yea most panthers don't do vegitation, but my ambi eats leaves from time to time.

you can try putting some greens in there if you want, see if he will eat those instead.
hey thanks for the reply.

i guess my concern is that covering the soil does not address the actual problem which is that he's searching for nutrients. at least so i understand.

and so I was wondering what I could do differently supplementation-wise or gutloading-wise to correct his behavior so that he's not searching elsewhere for it.
I've seen this behavior from time to time with juveniles. Eating dirt, biting branches etc. if its what I have witnessed it appears to be almost like a teething stage that they go through and will eventually stop.
If he is eating leaves and shooting wet soil it could be that he is thirsty. Make sure he has plenty of drinking opportunity.
Agreed. Your supplements are a very standard schedule, nothing wrong there :)
Occasionally a chameleon will just be a soil-eater, many do go through a "phase" as juveniles and then grow out of it.......
Just keep it covered and you have no worries. As long as it's organic soil without fertilisers or pesticides it will do probably do him no harm at all anyway though.
Thank you all for your response.

I'll keep an eye on the lil guy and make sure he doesn't make his way to the soil.
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