Previous shed still stuck on tail !! Help


Help!!! My chameleon has just finished his first shed a couple days ago and didn’t seem to get all the shed off his tail, he won’t let me pick him up just quite yet because he still isn’t use to me. I’ve only had him for a little over a week or so now maybe more. The closest I got to him was today for just a split second and tried to let him come on my hand but he wasn’t having it. But I was able to get a wet que-tip and try to get the access skin off his tail. But I still had no luck can anybody else give me some more options or does his tail looks okay and I’m just over reacting. The photos I have aren’t the greatest but it’s as good as I could get.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum! Try to get better pics of his tail to post so you can get proper advise. It can be from an injury or vitamin deficiency. It can become problematic if the dead skin does not shed and it constricts blood flow causing necrosis. Again, post a better pic so proper advise can be given.
Does the tip of the tail have any discoloration?
Also it’s always good to fill out the “how to ask for help form” had a similar problem on my first thread And also forgot to fill out the form

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I will try to continue to get better pictures but right now we are still working on our bonding he’s still scared. I have been feeding him crickets and Dubai roaches dusted everyday with calcium and once a month with D3 and the multivitamin as my calendar says. So I don’t believe it could be a vitamin deficiency, I don’t think he had ever fallen so no injury’s that I know of plus there’s nothing for him to really fall on to hurt his tail. I have a similar picture off the internet of what his tail looks like. And I’ll post a picture of his set up just to make sure that it’s okay for him. His basking temps and temperatures are good and what their supposed to be at.


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That does not look like stuck shed to me. This may be a good time to make a vet appointment and get him checked out before it gets worse. I only say that because the affected area seems darker.
If one of my chams won’t cooperate for a picture I wait until they go to sleep, works every time.

You might want to invest in a cheap macro lens for whatever kind of camera your using. You can get them for an iPhone from amazon for less than $10.
Agreed with the above in that I don't see stuck shed. I see the different color and why you may feel it's stuck shed but maybe just a different color tail tip. If you are super concerned go with what @timw1 said and go to the vet .
Okay so here are the pictures of my chameleons actual tail, the one above was kinda what it looked like. And awesome I will have to get one of those lens too when I get the chance but once again I know it’s not the greatest photos but, these are fairly better than the others


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