Preventing female veiled from producing eggs


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Hey everyone, I bought my first veiled chameleon yesterday (female) and I'm new to all of this. I read that females can be prevented from producing unfertilized eggs (I don't plan on breeding her), as the experience can be stressful and even fatal to the female., and I'd love to minimize the ammount of stress she goes through.
Just wondering if any of you have experience with keeping a female from producing eggs, or if you believe this is harmful to them in any way.
If you personally do prevent your females from producing eggs, please let me know your method of doing so. Thank you so much!


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Congrats on your purchase!

THe only sure way to prevent egg production is to have her spayed.

As most of us don't like to put chams under for surgery, the best way is to keep food intake down and temps lower.

I keep an adult female veiled at 84 Deg, and she is fed 3-6 bugs every 2 days, this has kept her from producing a lot of clutches, and kept her clutch size down to under 40.

SO far shes only laid 3 clutches, one of which was fertile. she has not laid any eggs since November of last year.


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Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. I just love females and veileds are the sweetest. There's no way to prevent eggs laying other than to spay which can be very risky but the lower temps and less food can help. I would still recommend a laying bin in her enclosure at all times after she reaches 5 months old. If you'll check out my blog below there's a link to Lynda Horgan's blog about the cooler temps and feeding less food.

Also an excellent video by Dez on setting up a laying bin.


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I have kept quite a few female veileds so that they don't produce eggs by controlling the diet and keeping the temperatures in the low 80's in the basking area....and they usually live to be 6+ years I can't see how it damages them. Also they are not being starved and are not thin.

After the female lays a clutch I feed her well for a couple of days and then cut back to about 8 crickets every second day. I think this stops them from growing follicles and ovulating.....but its only my theory. All I can tell you is that they don't lay eggs. The slight decrease in basking temperature I do to try to slow the metabolism slightly.

As Jann does...i still leave an egglaying bin in the cage just in case.

I just lost a female veiled. She was over six when she died. She came to me when she was two and was laying eggs at the time. She laid two clutches after I got her and then she was done.
Hope this helps.


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Fluffy lived a long life so even though I miss her I knew it had to happen soon...and it was quick so I can't ask for more. Hope you can keep yours from laying eggs.
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