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I just wanted to let everyone know how my enclosure is going. The enclosure is 20"x22"x48", its temporary until I can buy the rest of the stuff to make the bigger enclosure. Since the little guy will be about 6 months old when he gets here, do you guys think that my ficus will be too small for him? my pothos is HUGE so not worried about that.

*don't mind the messy pool in the background its not ours its the landlords*


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That ficus isn't tall enough to provide vertical space for a chameleon. Maybe put it at the bottom of a cage for humidity, but I don't see a chameleon wanting to stay there very long.

Maybe for a little baby one like you mentioned.
Im sure with some extra sticks and pathways that ficus can be a great addition to your setup. I have even put plants up on other objects in the cage to get them to a height that the chameleon seems to use and enjoy.
As you can tell my original plan changed. But i am still going with the first breeder when one of his other babies are ready. But as you can see in my avatar, that's my little Gizmo Im getting from chamhoudini in July. Im also getting another baby (not mentioning who... Yet) So enclosure plans have changed. Im going to extend the enclosure to 36" long and dividing it to make it 20"x18"x36" each side. It will be divided by a piece of plywood.
New Chameleons calls for a new schedule

New Chameleons calls for a new schedule. I don't have a printer to print it out but wanted to post to see how it looks. So here it goes:

Daily schedule for Admiral Ackbar, Yoda, and Freckles:
7a.m. Wake up, lights on, feed every day
7:30 Spray enclosures, clean up any poop
9:30 Spray enclosures
11:30 Spray enclosures
1:30 Spray enclosures
3:30 Spray enclosures
5:30 Free range time, spray enclosures
7:30 Back into enclosures
8p.m. Bedtime, lights out

Weekly Schedule:
Monday Feed crickets and dubias, clean feeders cages....
Tuesday give Freckles a bath and let Admiral Ackbar and Yoda have a nice 10 min shower
Wednesday feed feeders
Thursday check lights
Friday feed feeders, clean feeder cages
Saturday dust w/ calcium d3 or multivitamin depending on date... Let the boys get some real sun light (depending on temps)
Sunday take boys plants outside to get real sunlight

All 3 cages will get cleaned out and everything scrubbed clean at the 15th of each month... Everything!

So how does it look? Right now I'm a stay at home mom, but plan on getting a job when we move and schedule might change

Not sure on the supplements now since all I have is Rapashy all in one. Please help
Redid last nights schedule. Here's what I got! Please let me know what you all think.


7:00am - Lights on, prepare food, clean out feeders bin of old food from the day before, feed the feeders.
8:00am - Feed and morning mist... each of the boys will receive 15-20 mixed feeders (roaches and crickets)
11:00am - Mist enclosures
2:00pm - Afternoon mist
5:00pm - Afternoon mist - Free range time with a snack for each boy
7:00pm - Back into enclosure - getting ready for bed time.
8:00pm - Lights out

Weekends - 5 min showers, outdoor time, and cleaning enclosures. Saturday dust w/ calcium d3 or multivitamin depending on date... Let the boys get some real sun light (depending on temps)
Sunday take boys plants outside to get real sunlight

I am a SAHM that has babysitting children come over several times a week. So I gotta work in a schedule around the kids. I do plan on getting a mist king later on.

These babies will be 5 months old when they come to me so I will feed them 15-20 feeders a day til I noticed they had enough then I'll cut back.
Wanted to share my adult jacksons enclosure idea. My picture is a little blurry so I'll explain.

Whole enclosure is 18"x36"x36", divided in the middle with plywood making it 18"x18"x36"
Stand: 19"x37"x30", divided one side for bug bins, other side for supplements and mist king
Lights will be hidden.

Will make a second one like this for my females when I get them too.


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