Pregnant Panther?


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So I have a panther chameleon and she is about 6-7 months old. she has been acting very weird. she has stopped eating and drinking, she is very restless, she is extremely les active then usual, she just lies on the same branch all day, she is getting a little bit bigger but her skin is getting very loose and she is like full peach with just a little bit of beige witch I was told that those are the colors she will show when she is ready to mate but when ever I bring my male close to her she gets very angry and tries to attack him. I was very worried so I took her to the vet and she x-rayed her but we did not see any eggs so I was very curious as to what is wrong? any and all help is very much appreciated thanks


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They are usually sexually mature around 5 months of age. I am not sure if there is a way to tell with panthers like the Veilds. The Veilds present certain colors when they are, and I am not sure if the panthers do alsoMaybe someone else can elaborate on that. Basically at around 5 months of age they can produce infertile eggs if they have not been mated. It is really suggested that you not try and breed a female panther(or any female chameleon) before a year or so as they are still growing and need all the calcium they can get to develop strong bones. If you would fill out the form in the health clinic we might be able to pick up on something in your set up that is awry and may be causing your chameleon health issues.


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - panther, girl, 6 months . I have had her for 3 months
handling - whenever she crawls on my hand
Feeding - 10 crickets once a day
Supplements - I dust the crickets with calcium every feeding
Watering - I have an automatic mister system that comes on every hour for about 1 min.
Fecal Description - its yellow and brown and its very slimy sometimes even liquid she has not been tested for parasites
History - N/A.

Cage Info:
Cage Type -screen 16x30 Lighting - repti-something ,60 watt uvb and basking, 7 am - 7pm everyday
Temperature - 80-85 95 basking 75 at night
Humidity - 45% Plants - N/A
Placement - my room not much traffic and there is a fan but it is not on and an air vent of witch is not even remotely pointed at her cage
Location - Nevada

Current Problem - she has not eaten or drank anything for the past 5 days and she is very restless, she sleeps all most all day, her belly is getting bigger but her skin is getting looser, she is very weak, she falls of branches, she is and orange an beige color and I was told that is the color they turn when they are ready to mate but when ever I bring my male close she gets very very angry. I took her to the reptile vet and they took an x-ray, her bones where a little thin and there were no eggs. we thought she may have been gravid with infertile eggs but we did not find any so I really don't know what to do.. please help!


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Panthers should not be breed at that young of an age. It is best to wait until 9-12 months of age.

I would just completely visually seperate her from any stress until you figure out the root cause of the problem.

Females will also produce gravid colors, which typically consist of dark black barring instead of the light peach or orange color when they are receptive.


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I would test for parasites. Also maybe lower the temps just a little until you figure out the root problem. If possible get her some natural uvb.

Also how decorated and dense is her cage? If it isn't dense enough she may feel to exposed causing stress thus not eating ect.


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Also you said you dust the crickets EVERY feeding. You should not be dusting every feeding.

Also is it calcium with d3? W/ out d3? Are you ever supplementing multivitamin?

It sounds as if your supplements are pretty off and could have caused organ failure due to over supplementing calcium and the absence of multivitamin.


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actually you ARE supposed to dust with calcium EVERY feeding and calcium with d3 once a week as she needs it to grow strong bones especially if she is gravid also I am aware that they show gravid colors but seeing as she dose not have her full colors or even more that 2 colors yet, it is common with chams under 7 months to not show gravid color... also there is no way to get her tested for parasites seeing as she is only 22grames.
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