Pregnant Chameleon Fertilized Hopefully!


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Hey Evrybody! So i got a new Female veiled chameleon that is 1 year old about the same age as my male. And the previous owner told me she was pregnant from another male. At first i got her asnd for the first two weeks she was showing the "preggos" colors (all black with Blue, Green and yellow small spots), and then I left on vacation for two weeks and when I came back she is only green now. Did she lay the eggs? I dont want to disturb her cage inorder to prevent Egg Binding. Any help will be appriciated. Thanks!!
Does she look thinner? Does she have some place in the cage to lay the eggs?
They don't always maintain the dark colors during the time they are gravid.
Yea I guess she looks skinnier but not like shes half the size she was before. And There is about 10 inches of coconut fiber on the floor.
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