Pregnant Brazilian Rainbow boas

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I have a collection of Brazilian Rainbow boas that I have reluctantly decided to sale. It is a group of 3.6. 2 of the females are due in july and 1 is looking pregnant but not sure yet (she is in blue right now). Local pick up would be best. I want to sale the whole group for $3000. This is the 2nd clutch for these females (they are 07/08). The other have only had 1 clutch. They averaged about 14 babies the first time. 3k may seem high but when both females drop you will have about 30 babies, if sold for 100 each you make your money back. If you sale for 75 each you make 2100 and still have 9 adults and three will be ready for next season. They are all typical brb's and are only for looks as they have typical brb attitudes.

I also have a pair of proven Womas (8 viable eggs this year) and this was her first clutch. They were hatched in 2008) $650.

Lastly I have a 2007 Male Irian Jaya (75%) Jag, Excellent lineage. I am asking $550. All prices are without shipping added.

Willing to do some trading for pardalis, (other than ambilobes and nosy be) mitsio or faly's. thanks


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