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Will a 100w powersun bulb be too much heat for a panther in a 4ft cage? ...or if you think the 125w solar glo is better should I get that bulb instead and same question as before will it be too much heat? Any kind of input helps thanks!!
I reccomend just a 60watt household bulb, thats what i have used for years and it produces enough heat. I found all of the larger bulbs get way too hot.
Yeah I was kinda worried it'd be too hot but I really liked that it would produce more UVB then just my 1 small reptisun bulb

I'M a question. Megaray HQL mercure vapor as powersun ?

I build a vivarium four feet for one furcifer pardalis and i want to use lamp megaray 100 watt uva uvb HQL. Is that recommanded this lamp or not recommanded ?

Well like he was saying the wattage might be too high what we can
Maybe do is have the lamp hang rather than rest at the top. I just dot know how far the rays will extend from the bulbs
I think you really need a solar meter to measure the uvb output.. Those things put off crazy amounts of uvb, or atleast mine did. id stick with the linear 5.0uvb and a houshold bulb. if you need more heat id get a ceramic heat emitter imo. im sure someone with more experience with mercury vapor bulbs will chime in. -Chris
I only recommend using them with a UVB meter. They usually put out way too much UVB for chameleons, or not enough.

The lamp megaray its a twenty thumbs of the hot point. Its that ok ?


Just follow the instructions on the box, mega rays are made and tested before being shipped. They are the closest you can get to real sun, just make sure you keep it 12-14 inches away from the cham and that the cage is wide enough for him to get out of the way if he wishes to. DONT FORGET to leave it on 72 hours before using it on your reptile.

If used properly and carefully, megaray lamps are numero uno!

Are you french? The "thumb" expression sounds quebecois.
Hello I'm new to the community and I'm seeking for help I've heard the powersun 100w are bad because the chameleon can have enough d3 but it still needs it heat and that can be dangerous for him idk what to do.
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