Pothos and Chams

I have read the plant resource section on the type of plants that chams come in contact with. I just recently noticed my pothos leaves are being chomped on by something. The pothos is from the depot and I had removed the original soil prior to placing it in the enclosure. I also washed the plant with a bleach solution and let it soak for a bit. Now I have been noticing some of the leaves missing chunks out of them. Does this look like a chams chomp marks on these pothos leaves? My chams only between 2 - 3 months old. I would of though it would be later that he begins exploring the taste of plants.:eek:



Maybe im not feeding him enough. I feed him between 20 - 30 crickets daily. He is a little porker. Or he could just be exploring? Im not too worried.


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I don't know if you know this but it is typical of veiled chameleons to eat plant matter lol.


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I agree with TRYME, veileds do eat vegetable matter. Not because there is not enought to eat, but it is part of their diet.

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In my experience as early as 5 weeks old.
Those ARE chameleon bites on your pothos ... try giving him collard greens, they are rich in calcium and babies love them

Collard greens

Collard greens include all the variations of lettuce (Romain, iceberg etc...)? How about green beans or snap/ sugar peas will he eat those? Thanks for the assist. Do you think this is a result of his body not getting enough calcium in his diet?


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unfortunatly yemans will chomp on all the plants that go in the viv so try a hibiscus plant,these can get big and provide a good climbing area for the cham and the leaves and floweres are really really good for your cham and they look great too as you could get diffrent colours of flowes like pink and yellow ecte ect, i definatly wouldnt advize soaking in bleach though..ever!!! as this is very poisonus stuff and if any is left on by mistake it will kill your cham if eaten and plants can absorb things so just to be safe i would use a big bucket or bath of warm water and a little washing up liquid(very small amount) and wash the leaves with a soft sponge ...takes a while but worth it i use pothos with my yemans and they are fine but bear in mind it is toxic.good luck
appart from this olso offer other greens and to try to save the plants from all being munched!! haha,as advised above by others .eating plants is how yemans get there moisture in the wild in times there is not enough water around but it is part of there diet so it doest nessasarily mean you havent been giving him enough water .good luck with him:D
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