Post sites where they sell or breed

LLL Reptile purchases from breeders like us. If they get some w/c that are gravid, they might have someone hatch the eggs for them - but they don't usually do much of that (not cost effective). Ask for Scott

The Kammers (Kammerflage) have been breeding wonderful specimens for years - they even have some of their relatives doing it too! Ed and Liddy are super good folks!

First Choice is mainly imports - Nick doesn't hatch much himself - he sells the gravid females to customers.

Here are a couple of good breeders: -- This is Tyler, and he is great to work with. -- This is John, another great guy to get chams from. -- This is Allison, she has some nice chams.

Those should get you started. ;)

Oh... we are chameleon breeders too - but we have cut back our stock - we are only working with (panther) sambavas; blue-bar ambanja; ambilobe - and may have some dilepsis eggs hatch soon. We have no young'ns for sale currently - but we are selling one breeding pair of bb-ambanjas. We also breed bearded dragons and blue-tongue skinks.

Reptayls, Ltd.
I have bookmarked the breeders that I continuously see recommendations for. All of them are already listed above besides one, Screameleons. I think they specialize in panthers. I only have direct experience with ChameleonsOnly (Kammers).

Looking for anything in particular?
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Reptayls: Welcome to the chameleon forums :)
I have read your first few posts and you seem very knowledgeable about chameleons. It is a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to learning new things from you.
I really am just trying to find decent priced chams. I love Ed and Liddy, I just dont like there prices :(
I wanna stay in 100's to 150's range for panthers.. I dont know if its possible.
Cham Freak,

Those are prices we haven't seen for a few years. Perhaps 5 years ago you could have gotten a single panther from the Kammers for $150 - but not since.

Understand that there are only 2000 panthers being exported from their natural birthplace each year - for the entire world to purchase. Japan and Europe get a good deal of that allotment. One of the main exporters that was sending panthers to America quit 3 years ago, and that took a toll by raising prices. Of that 2000, many perish from the stress of packing and shipping.

With less and less new bloodlines coming in each year, the breeders have to rely on their own breeding stock for females. This, too, has driven the price up. Additionally, with a new panther morph (ambilobe) sweeping the market, the prices went even higher.

To find a panther chameleon for less than $200, it will have to be young and from a breeder that desires to get it sold. Once in a while you see them, so you will have to scour the online ads for those opportunities. On occassion I see lower prices from sources in Florida. ChamCo often sells lots for lower prices - but they realy target the wholesaler or breeder. When we sell to other breeders, we sell for less than $200 as well - but they buy lots not singles.

Good luck in your search,
Reptayls, Ltd.
Brad said:
Reptayls: Welcome to the chameleon forums :)
I have read your first few posts and you seem very knowledgeable about chameleons. It is a pleasure to have you here and I look forward to learning new things from you.

Thanks Brad!
Hubby and I have been raising chameleons for several years - we are just not on as large a scale as some. Of course, some of the breeders we have known since they started (BlueBeast, CC and a few others).

Sadly, I omitted mentioning Screameleons as a source - they have wonderful stock - some of the better panther bloodlines in the country. They are a young company, but so far, we have heard good things about them. Their website is: screameleons

I am sure I will think of more to add to your list.

Reptayls, Ltd.
I wanna stay in 100's to 150's range for panthers
ChameleonsOnly looks like they are offering some of their less popular crosses for $175. I can understand if you prefer a full breed; I usually feel this way too. As reptayls mentioned earlier, places like lllreptile, reptiledepot, and others buy from other breeders. I would personally rather buy directly from a breeder, but these stores do offer cheaper prices. Took a quick look at kingsnake's classifieds and found someone that is trying to move some panthers at a cheap price: razorback exotics. I don't know anything about them, but it might be worth looking into.
Are those panthers good?

I would like nice cham as well as reasonable priced. I know its alot to ask, I am just earning my money and trying to get most for my money! I saw that deal brad and was planning on getting it, do you think it will be as colorfull and in good health? I hope to get that deal in like 1 week but was wondering if I would be wasting money?
I really have no idea how they keep or acquire their animals. I would suggest sending an email. I think reptayls gave a name to contact in another post. Tell them your worries. Ask how they are currently keeping their chameleon babies. What are they feeding them etc. Ask if they know any details on what their parents looked like. Since they buy from other breeders, they might not know how colorful their parents were. Also find out about any guarantees they might offer.
thx brad, I hope they can provide them at my needs. I am almost tempted to just fork extra 100 and get from Ed & Liddy. I think it's a better choice!
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