Possibly have spoiled my boy


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Hello !

I just wanted to reach out and see if anybody else has experienced something like this and what they did. I have a (i think) 6 month old male veiled and he has been having some eating problems. About four weeks ago I tried to switch him off crickets to dubias and he just did not seem interested at all and barely ate any, but also started to shed maybe 5 days into the dubia switch. The shed seemed good and lasted about 3 days but part of his tail got stuck. Luckily my 24"x24"48" was delivered right on time and I broke the ring of skin on his tail while moving him into the new cage. He has been in the big cage now for probably 2.5-3 weeks and his eating has still been leaving something to be desired. He will happily eat as many hornworms as I will give him but I know those are not nutritionally sound, and doesn't seem interested past the first two crickets. I have been just leaving him a lone and assuming that he is simply settling in from the stressful couple days he had but today I noticed all of the crickets I put in yesterday where dead on the floor and all the ones that I had put in today where just hanging out on the screen somewhere.
I picked up all the live crickets in the cage one by one using the tongs and put them right in front of his face, doing my best to let go right before he grabbed them and he ate every single one. I tong fed him for the first couple weeks of having him before I learned that that was definitely not safe and I have not done it since, but I am worried that he now has come to assume tong feeding and I don't know what else to do to get him to eat.
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