Possible Sick Veiled Cham.??


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Hey all!
Howard, my veiled chameleon doesn't seem himself today. We've had him about 4 months. Not sure how old he is. He has an open air cage and eats crickets, horned worms, and veggies. I fed him Cilantro yesterday and I'm wondering if that's why he isn't feeling well today. His tail is a lighter color than the rest of his body and he doesn't seem to be using it or curling it as much. His head has a whiter crest than normal, and there appears to be a weird line around the edges of his body. Pics are posted (notice his tail position, that's not regular for him) He's still eating. Thanks for your input!


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looks a bit dehydrated and a bit under weight in my opinion. Also the shed ant lookin so good either. As usual, please fill out the form so we can rule out your using a cfl and 20% humidity.
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