Possible Gravid Jackson’s??


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Meet Annie! On thread about her not eating, someone mentioned she may be gravid! We’ve had her about 2 weeks and she doesn’t eat. She drinks a lot and climbs a lot! (pic of her asleep was right before bed time aka lights out). I was wondering if all Jacksons get the triangle pattern! 002909C0-C22F-4954-BC8A-7206DB3E232F.jpegDB2D135E-E40F-4DF6-B92D-EFE20FC292C0.jpeg66DE9A3B-2457-4FEB-9F98-51EA1497E052.jpeg


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Mine sure does. That’s kind of their stress pattern I think. Mine gets it when I get near him. I’ve only had mine a little over 3 weeks. The longer I’ve had him though he’s getting used to me and spending less time in this pattern.


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Triangle pattern is a I wish I was hidden better pattern. So yes it's a sign of stress. Some display it more than others in identical situations.
She is likely pregnant only because of the way most of these are raised or imported. Care is not taken to separate males and females in cages or they are wild caught and nature has taken it's course. There is no specific pattern or color in this species that clearly identifies if they are gravid or just going to pass unfertilized ova. Babies are the most common out come with those recently purchased.
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