possible false gestation? please help

so my female gecko that i was saying was pregnant, may have not been gravid at all. But i am extremely confused and hope that i can get some answers here.

This was has been her weight log

female stub-tail
15/01/11 @ 31g
22/01/11 @ 32g
29/01/11 @ 33g
07/02/11 @ 36g
14/02/11 @ 38g
Today @ 35g

there weren't any abnormally big fecals, she is always on CGD, and was fed crickets the other night, wouldn't she have gained more weight?
she is a lot thinner, is starting to loosen up skin for an upcoming shed, and no eggs anywhere in the enclosure. please guys, insight!!!


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They cannot reabsorb eggs, its a myth. Pre-ovulatory follicles yes, calcified eggs, no.
Nice work keeping a log Phil, this kind of stuff comes in handy.
Since you dont know when it mated? , it can tricky to follow the gestation period, (if its gravid) they can seem to take forever.
Take a look at her tummy and see if there are one or two pale white patches apparent, one may be higher than the other.
The weight gain is steady, thats good. How much is it eating? As they get close (within a week) of laying, they tend to slow/stop eating, But can continue, albeit less.
From experience they do shed prior to laying.

This gecko is gravid and has two eggs, yours will look similar if this is the case but will depend on how far along she may be.

Can you get a pic of her belly?
Jo you are awesome buddy. for real i appreciated it so much. i am actually out for the night. she has been with the male in a permanent enclosure. i do have a large kritterkeeper though, i will put her in a temp enclosure tomorrow with a laying bin. i did put crickets in the other night, and she went right for it. so im not sure. what about the fluctuation in the weight though?


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Its a small lizard Phil, a full belly, it weighs a little more, takes a dump, loses a little. :)
According to your notes its steady and progressive overall.
Could be the males harassing her, horny little devils! Stress can take its toll over time, so separating her is a good idea.
Keep an eye on her tail, if its relatively plump shes ok, if it starts to look thin or wrinkled,
she may not be getting enough food. Male might be dominating, eating the lions share.
4 grams in a month aint bad.
The current weight seems reasonable. You know what they say about pics, a thousand words, if you find time that be great.
Enjoy your evening! :)

P.S crickets are the devil for eating undiscovered eggs too. When she comes closer the time (if shes gravid) be very sparing with crickets and check outside the bin aswell, they dont always co-operate. :)
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