Poor guy is still not doing well !!!


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its been god knows how long since i been posting up posts regarding my cam .... last week i seen him fall off a branch, he hasnt eating for 2 weeks maybe more, i hand feed him with water and notice his saliva is very thick. His tougne doesnt come out at all to even try to feed now and i can tell he is hungry cuz he goes towards the food but then just sits and looks at it. I still havent bought a uvb light and will be getting it tomorrow. He has been without UVB for about 3 to 4 weeks due to his eyes from the light before where it damaged his left eye. Can he not be eating or anything with thick saliva due to lack of a UVB light ??? my poor guy is skin and bones and i am so shocked he is still living ... he is a strong cham i am telling you! I will be getting his light for sure tomorrow!


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I went through all of your old posts. Why does he not have a uvb bulb? You had an Exo Terra 10.0 you got from the pet store, why didn't you return that and get a 5.0? How was it determined that the prior light damaged his eye?. It sounds like you have major problems going on including what now sounds like a respiratory infection with the thick saliva. If that is the case, he will need to go on meds, or he is going to get worse and die. Can you post a recent picture of him? Edit: I just realized this was 10 days ago. I am gonna assume that the poor little chameleon is no longer with us.
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