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Hi forum members,

I came home from a tiring work day at the clinic noticed my little man (3 month old ambilobe) had pooped three times. Very healthy looking. White urates. All is good. No diarrhea. No strange smell. Except...three poops?! Is this normal to have so many healthy bowel movements in one day? He's eating 3 wk old crickets and small phoenix worms. Hard to estimate daily intake, as I cup feed in the morning but many of the crix end up jumping out of the cup. I only find their limbs the next morning, usually, if anything at all. The rest free-range for the next 12 hours until I remove them for re-gutloading. So, he's probably eating 2-3 phoenix worms a day and 6-7 medium crickets.


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When they're younger they'll poop more often and then as they grow older they'll usually do it every couple of days. Nothing to be alarmed about. What I can say is if you feed fatty feeders it'll make their bowl movements come quicker and that can make them poop more also. If it looks healthy and isn't runny don't even worry about it.
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