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my 7 month old veiled has not pooped in two days . i did just recently feed him super worms for the first time and gave him about three in two days. i am coming to see that that was not a good idea and they should just be given as treats. my real question is should i withhold feeding until he ***.
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I wouldn't worry too much, 2 days is not too long for a 7 month old. They go less frequently when they age (the poop gets bigger, lol).

If you are worried, maybe feed something like silkworms and up the hydration, but he will be fine.
thank you very much. and is it cause of the super worms? or with hold feeding? and he literally just dropped a mean one lol
You can continue to feed them and him. As they get older, they tend to poop less often. Adults can go a week or more without pooping and it can still be normal.

As far as superworms go, I would be less concerned with any impaction risk (as long as he is being watered well) than with him getting "addicted" to them. If they are fed too often, some chameleon will refuse to eat anything else. I only feed a couple a week to adults.
My guy is a month older than yours and he too has slowed on the frequency of his BM's. If it gets to the point of stressing you out, a nice warm...not hot shower always seems to get my guy to do his business. Place him on a Cham safe plant and allow the warm water to bounce of the shower wall and onto the plant (no direct spray as it can blast him in the eye). Let him hang for about 10 minutes and I'm sure you'll get a nice..eh hem...present from him.
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