Poop Schedule?!?


I am going to keep better track of when he goes. But I don't think my 9mo old panther male has pooped in 3 days. I searched the cage today with no luck.

Currently he eats around 10-12 med crickets every AM. And he gets a superworm or 2 in the afternoon as a treat.

How often should I be expecting poo? I was thinking it was about every 2-3 days, but maybe I'm wrong.

I just don't want him to have any issues.

There is no substrate in his cage. Nothing really for him to eat by accident unless he ate a fake leaf which I doubt.
A well hydrated 9 month old panther should poop every day, assuming he
is getting the proper amount to eat.
The amount you are feeding should be plenty, but make sure he is drinking
as well.
If constipation, put a drop (only one drop) of olive oil on a cricket and hand
feed it to him.
Next day you will see a giant sized poop!! :eek:
Today we have poop

I came home on my lunch break to check on him and found some poop. Haha. It was either from him or a small dog got into his cage, dropped the bomb, and shut the door on the way out. Haha. It was the biggest yet.

Are you sure on the daily poop for a 9mo old? He eats and drinks plenty. I have an auto misting system. Plus I hand mist him and usually when I hand mist he will drink from the bottle tip. He also gets shower treatments where he drinks.

He hasn't ever really pooped daily since I got him. Usually every 2 maybe 3 days.

I am thinking it was 4 since his last one.
Don't worry if they don't poop everyday. I have a 9 month old and generally he will go everyday(especially if I mist him directly) but there are days when he does not. Nothing to worry about really if it is not an everyday occurance.
Sometimes you cant find the poop in all those vines and leaves.

I have found little dried up poops when cleaning that were stuck to a leaf.
They don't always poop every day. Mine doesn't, hes 13 months. But a nice long, warm misting sometimes helps them regulate their system.
Ok. This is all good to know. Thanks for all the replies!!! I put a little desk calender by his desk to put a mark on the dates to help me better keep track.
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