Poop post ... sorry

So I know she's so super spoiled that I had to bribe her with a hornworm so she would stop trying to "eat" the birds I have tattooed on my forearm while I cleaned out the poops from her enclosure but in getting out her poop/urates I found something rather disturbing to me ... I've never seen her leave anything stringy/rubbery in the almost 2 years I've had her. She did recently lay her 3rd clutch and it's entirely possible I missed this the other day when cleaning out her enclosure (looks wet in photo because I happened to see it while misting her enclosure)
The majority of her urates were white but there was orange in there too (was completely dried out and chalky in consistency, underneath some pothos leaves so totally possible I missed it) I'm internally flipping out at the moment just seeing orange in her urates (hand mist 2x a day, have drippers on the top, and fogger at night)
Is it just due to the recent egg laying and I missed it when cleaning before? Does she need to be seen by one of the vets she goes to?
You'll have to forgive me, I flip out over literally everything when it comes to her


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I wouldn’t worry. It could very well be from her laying. I believe the whole time they are at it, they aren’t drinking or at least not much. If her urates are all dark orange consistently, then I would be increasing her hydration, either adding to misting/dripper or adding juicy feeders like hornworms or silkworms.
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