poisonous chameleon

What you going on about it being poisonous?
I dont know if its a new specie, I dont think it will be in the media like that, there would probably be a proper acticle a somewhere on the net and those kinds of articles dont get past most of the members on this forum such as Chris Anderson, Im sure he would of posted about a new specie.

I cant see the cham too well but from what I have seen it looks like Chamaeleo africanus.
Not sure what you mean by poisonous... I seriously doubt any chameleon would be venomous or have any way of delivering venom. Someone probably got sick after eating one.
Looks like chamaeleo africanus or something yes, some chamaeleo species that's for sure. Just plain BS that it's poisonous. Nothing special if you ask me.
That poor cham looks so scared! Poor thing, hope they realeased it - can't get audio at the moment so didn't have a clue what was being said!
poisonous lizards..hmm... I met a nigerian guy, who thinks that there is a rainbow lizard in Nigeria, which is poisonous. Its probably a skink or a sandfish or something like that, but he just wont belive me that it is not toxic... there were a myth also about what is happening when you got bitten, but it was similar than if you were photographed the camera stolen your soul or so... so i didnt payed much attention :p And by the way, who translated it or who subscribed that the hindi lady speaks about a poisinous cham???.. :)
Boas are livebarers yes, dont recall reading of exceptions though it wouldn't surprise.
For those 'yucking' it up at our hindu friends, venom is basically adapted saliva.
Many lizards beyond the mexican beaded and gila have been proven to have venom of varying (mostly harmless) degree, including monitors and bearded dragons even.
Never be too smug, nature is more complex than we imagine. :)



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