Plz Help with Age/Sex Panther Cham


I just got a Panther Cham from a Store (will not say name). But the help from the employees could not tell me a thing about the Chameleon. Today is day 3 for owning the little fella and I sure love being a first time owner now! The only thing the employee told me was its a baby. Any help with Age and or Sex would be amazing!

- My guess is a boy

Chameleio 1.JPG
Chameleio 2.jpeg
Chameleio 3.jpeg
Chameleio 4.jpeg
Chameleio 5.jpeg
Chameleio 6.jpeg


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Definitely female panther! I’d say between 3-8 months old, but don’t take my word for it, I’m horrible with ages. Could you fill out the ask for help form (link in my signature below) to make sure everything is correct for your new little one, please?
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