Hey guys ,
I’m a new Chameleon owner, I have a veiled chameleon her name is Prïnçess and she’s 5 months old and I’ve had her for 2 weeks (she belonged my bestfriend but he couldn’t keep her sadly, but she’s mine now and I love her ),
She’s currently on a diet of Dubia roaches, I’ve been feeding them celery, carrots and strawberries, but I’m all out so I was wondering if I could feed them celery, and grapes or if they will harm her?
Princess’s Mamá✨
Celery contains some oxalic acid and grape is high in sugar....if u only feed in once a while and in moderation it should be fine
Or u can feed it thru the bug like crickets or dubia roaches for gutloading process, but the key word here is "moderation".
Gutloading 101.jpeg
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