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my chameleon was purching on a tree inside my room the other day for about half an hour. During that half an hour somebody opened my bedroom window not knowing he wasn't in his cage. when i came back to check on him he was no where to be seen. do you think he is somewhere in my room or would he go out the window into my garden? please help and tell me your opinion and what i should do. This was yesterday:(
Take a flashlight and look for him in the dark at night. The night colours should be brighter and eaier to spot. Ask friends and family to help.
I Foundd Herr!


It had been 4 days since my chameleon was lost. Amazingly i did what you said and went out at night with my family and flashlights and found her at the very top of an apple tree! She was perfecly fine and luckily it had been sunny all that day but it must have been hard for her the days before because it was freezing and nonstop rain! I guess she has nine lives!

thanks for your help:D
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