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Ok so I am currently raising a 5 to 6 month old Crested cham! he is absolutely gorgeous and I wanna do all I can to provide nothing but the best for this little guy! he requires 80%-100% Humidity so to obtain this I have a raindome go off for 20 mins every 2 hours and a humidifier underneath the cage and I have ANOTHER humidifier on the way in the mail for all you super cham owners out there!!!!! am I going about this the right way!? oh and right before bed at 8pm his Raindome goes off till 8:20 then I mist b4 I go to bed lol please your criticism is most appreciated!!
Don't mist him a hour before lights out. I thinks two humidifiers is a little overkill. Is his cage drying out completely before each misting session?
a little water sits at the bottom that doesn't drain out from rain fall but mostly everything is dry before next rain fall
Stagnate water is not good, you should have drainage if you plan to mist that much. Have you read this article about Crested chameleons in the article it states "I spray their enclosures with water 2-3 times a day". Also it says that the humidity can go as low as 60%.
I have read this article and although it can be 60% they should be 80% to 100% ill set rain falls farther apart to clear up stagnate water its mostly water from plants at bottom of cage
Can you describe the enclosure a little more and some pics would be great. Have you covered the sides with a shower curtain? That will help humidity as well.
I was told fresh air is more important and to NEVER put anything over screen cage. any you have been commenting on my setup under a new thread
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