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I bought a male veiled chameleon about 3 weeks ago. He was about 4 inches long (including tail) when I got him but I don't know his exact age. I'm worried because he hasn't eaten a lot lately (he ate one cricket yesterday) and mostly because his poop is runny and kind of white. Could this have to do with the fact that he's shedding? He just started shedding yesterday afternoon but his poop has been runny for 2 days. Thanks
What is the temperature in the basking area? Ambient temperature?

Regarding watery poop...
Are the crickets the proper size?
Did they use substrate at the place you bought him from> Do you have a substrate in his cage?

You said the poop was white and kind of there no brown part to it at all? Normal defecation should consist of a brown part (the feces) and a white part (the urates, pee) and there should be some fluids that are about the consistency of half set jello. If the brown part is missing, it makes me wonder if he is impacted or not digesting his food properly.

Parasites might make it watery too.
Well I have a 100 watt bulb about 12 inches from the highest branch. The temperature on the cool side is about 85 degrees. I haven't put a thermometer near the basking area yet.
His feces were brown with a white part and now the brown part is whitish. He just pooped and now it's not runny but still white.
The problem with the crickets is that I have trouble finding them. I live in mexico and owning reptiles is not common. A few days ago I ran out so I fed him wild caught flies. Then I finally bought crickets but they are kind of big for him. He still eats them though.
He started shedding yesterday night so I thought maybe that had to do with that and the fact that for 2 days he seems to have less of an appetite.
100W is waay to much for baby.
YOu need to monitor temps at basking spot, and other sides of the cage will be fine.
Do not go over 90C at basking at his age, stay in mid 80's
How about humidity, do you give him showers?
White poop is good.
How about dusting his food, and UVB light?
Can you post some pics of your setup, more is better.
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