please help

My chameleon female laid her eggs a few months ago, after that she didnt look very well, i read that they can go into depression after eggs but it will go over.
She did eat and drink water but a few days ago i saw she is just getting worse, she is at the bottom of her cage, i think she is busy going, so i tried to make it as comfortable as possible for her,
My question is that i have no idee what is wrong with her and i have been in contact with her daily, is there a possibility that i can get any virus or something?

Does anyone maybe know what could be wrong with her?


Biologist & Ecologist
No, you're not going to catch anything from her as far as viruses (although it's good to wash your hands anyway.)

This sounds a like case where she really should go to a vet quickly, because you don't know if she produced more eggs and she's having difficulty laying them, or something else is wrong. We won't be able to help without knowing more, and even then, no one is going to be able to help you better than a vet. Especially if she looks bad, she'll need immediate help.
Where i stay we have no vets that works on reptiels , sad, she just died a couple of minutes ago, very sad, ive had her for a long time and she was my good friend, thanx for your help... atleast my boy is still going strong and ive got 18 healthy eggs...
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