Please help!! Very sick panther!


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Hi everyone :)

I know it's been a while so I'm sorry for that!

My friend has brought his panther to me who is very ill and I am not sure what the cause might be.

He hasn't eaten for 5 days and is drinking so much water he is bloated..
His eyes are mostly closed and he is very lethargic.. Though when I've held him he still is gripping well.

I've force fed some veggie juice this morning and will try a cricket later in the day.

He's in a hospital cage for now and on high heat.. Here's a pic:

Please.. Any advice would be appreciated!
excessive water drinking could be a sign of kidney failure how is his poo liquid solid are the urates the right color ??? I would get him to the vet asap bloating is a very bad sign animals that have been poisoned tend to bloat and then die did the cham maybe eat a bug that ate d con or something of that nature ?? Again keep him warm hydrated and get his but to the vet asap.
Ok.. Thanks jay.. I'll talk to my friend and see if it's possible something like that happened.
No poop or urates for me to see yet so I'm waiting for that to happen..
Should I continue to force feed and allow him to drink as much as he likes?
Maybe he is severely backed up. Have you tried a warm shower or some warm sunshine? (probably in the morning or evening due to the temps in your locale).
If hes constipated, a drop or so of mineral oil can help with that.

You may want to try bug juice, instead of veggie juice.
Thanks guys.. He's taken a bit of a turn this evening and is looking very grey :( I was going to do a bug juice in the morning if he was to make it through the night.. I think he's starting to pass urates.. I found another urate about the size of a grain of rice.. It was white but looked like it had some translucency?? I'll give your tips a go to see if I can get any improvements
Grain of rice? Possible parasites.

There are so many different possibilities i would need to the details on his care to be able to try and help.

I know you live in another country. Is there any vets around you?
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