Please help. This is an emergency!!!


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I am terrified and it's Saturday. I found worms in my chameleons feces. they are very tiny white worms. They look like a very small parasite not the long ones. I have several pictures I'm posting. Please someone tell me if they have experienced this and what can I do. i called the emergency vet and they wont give me antibiotics unless I pay an 85 dollar fee to have her seen. It is the most disgraceful thing I have ever encountered. I do not have money for that so I am going to try and take the parasites in or the pictures as soon as I can. i may end up having to take her in anyways and getting care credit. All I need is an antibiotic I think but I cant get one!!!

(the picture of the single worm shows size in comparison to a small aquarium rock)


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Welcome to the forums and I'm sorry to hear about your chameleon. You need to get a fecal form a vet and find out what type of parasite it is and get the proper meds to treat it. I have never heard of using an antibiotic to treat any kind of parasites.


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I was just assuming antiobiotics. I had a test on a fecal that had no parasites friday. Do they have to have the actual worms in the samlpe to tell if she was infected?


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I would personally guess these are maggots.

If, you think they are parasites from within your chameleon. You will need to take his next (fresh) feces in for another analysis. I would suggest taking it to another vet also.


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No i dont think they are maggots. They are longer and skinnier. I called the animals emergency room earlier but I will call my vet on Monday. Hope they are open but they may not be due to the holiday :s
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