Please help! Panther Chameleon tongue sticking out?


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Hi, my chameleon has been letting the front of his mouth drop slightly and his tongue is sticking out as you can see in the pictures (not much, but it still concerns me). He has been eating the moss in his viv which I have now covered so he can't get at it, could this be linked?
He is an 8 month old male Panther chameleon. His dad is blue bar amilobe, and his mum is red bar amilobe. Please help and let me know any more information you would need to assess my problem.
Thank you to everyone who replies in advance!


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Your chameleon could possible have MBD. For others to help you it would be best if you could fill out the following form.

This will give enough information for us to try to figure out what is causing these symptoms. You will also need to work on locating a vet as he will likely need treatment from a vet.

Could also be some type of injury, luckily there are a lot of very knowledgable people on this forum and they will be able to provide you with good information.
All details

8 month old male blue x red bar amilobe panther chameleon, been in my care since he was 2 1/2 months old
I handle him once every 2-4 days (not a lot so I dont stress him too much, but keep him used to handling)
Feeding him medium sized locusts, about 7/8 every 2 days, they are gut loaded on oats and are dusted with calcium without d3 from swellreptiles every so often
We mist the whole vivarium with a spray bottle at least 3 times every day (more so when its hot weather), he also drinks from a pipette from time to time. He drinks fine, licking it from the pipette or leaves near the top of his viv.
His fecal matter is the same as its always been, he has never been tested for parasites but is passing waste healthily

Cage Info:
His viv is glass and mesh, 2x2x3 feet
The lighting is on a timer for 10 hours a day, as he is only young, he has a 20w heating bulb and a 10 uvb bulb, he also gets natural sunlight for a short amount of time every day
He has a basking temperature of around 80f at the top of his viv, the humidity peaks at 70ish and drops as low as 47, we have a hydrometer and 2 thermometers to measure this
He has garden mesh and a safe wall that is made to look like a rock face at the back of his viv, 3 shapeable vines to climb on, and 4 sets of fake leafy plants which we stick to the sides of his viv for privacy and to catch water. The only "plant" that could be classed as live is some sphagnum moss that is placed to maintain humidity
The viv is ontop of a set of drawers that is barely used, the top of the viv is about 5/6ft from the floor
We are in England, near Manchester

Current Problem has already been highlighted in my first post! Thank you
Hi welcome to the forum. Your supplements need looking at. His feeders should be dusted with plain calcium daily. Calcium with d3 twice a month and a multivitamin twice a month. You could improve your gutload by reading sandrachameleons blogs on here. Your temps could go up to 84-86. I would get rid of the moss as he has already eaten some of it which isn't good. To keep humidity up try adding live plants. Do you give him any different feeders apart from locusts?
Hey, sorry to bring an old post up but I am experiencing the same problem. My Panther is only about 4 months old. Did your chams tongue ever stop sticking out? Thanks!
Hey, sorry to bring an old post up but I am experiencing the same problem. My Panther is only about 4 months old. Did your chams tongue ever stop sticking out? Thanks!
Could you post a pic of your cham and use the same link to described your care?
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