PLease HELP My veild chameleon hind legs not moving well


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Edit: he does not have gout idk why i wrote that lol. Just MBD
Well it's good he's only dealing with one thing, but MBD still isn't good. I'm happy you took him to the vet, you should consider filling out a husbandry review so you can correct anything that can be progressing the MBD. Since MBD doesn't go away, you will def want to make sure he has the correct lighting and supplementation so that it doesn't keep progressing. Good luck with everything!


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I'm glad (but not surprised) that he doesn't have gout!
There were no signs that I could see.

As for can be corrected....bones, muscles and other systems affected by it can be brought back into good health again. The bent or broken bones, etc will not straighten and look normal again....they will stay bent.

To fix MBD, the nutrient levels (D3, vitamin A, phos, calcium) need to be brought back to a normal balance and kept there. This is done by making sure the UVB, dustings, etc are corrected and kept there and extra calcium in liquid form provided until the bones, etc are strong/back to normal. A vet can do X-rays/tests to check this.


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Thank you all very much i have been giving medicare which is liquid calcuim, he has been moving his legs much more and his tail but, still isn't eating.
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