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My chameleon is being very aggressive when I even get near him. I see everyone on here holding their chameleon where if I come to close to mine he bites me. How can me and him come to a agreement and be friends.
This might sound stupid (and may be stupid - I'm a newbie) but I think my panther hates pink- and certain shades of bright green) I've been taking him out side and giving him blue bottle flies in his outside zipped laundry basket - hanging it up in a low but not no traffic area and he stopped running away when I feed him inside in the mornings- but he did hide behind his vine when my mother walked by in a emerald green shirt - and he doesn't like a pink shirt I have.


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How long you had him? Veiled aren't renowned to be friendly it's really luck of the draw my males friendly and willingly jumps onto my hand but my female would bite it off.

It takes time and baby steps he needs to learn to trust you, try starting to hand feed him, move slow move things in his viv with your hands so he knows your hands aren't a threat to him or his territory
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