Please help, i dont know whats wrong with him :(


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I dont know whats wrong with his eye, please help. *The far right picture is his good eye


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It looks to be infected. I would advise you to make a vet appointment as you will probably need antibiotic drops and maybe oral antibiotics.

Until the appointment, up the mistings. Giving him a shower utilizing the shower method is another good way to help make him more comfortable while the antibiotics due their work.
Do you have an umbrella tree in the cage? Sometimes during pealing they will rub against it and get sap on their eyes and get irritated. Some chams are just fine with the plant.
No i have all fake plants in the cage. Good guess tho. I set up an appointment at a vet for tomorrow. $50 minimum... oh lord
Puffy swollen eyes, or blobs just under the eyes, may indicate a blocked nasolacrimal duct, a local infection or a sinus infection. If the nasolacrimal duct is blocked it can cause debris to build up behind it and the duct may need to be flushed. If an infection is present then antibiotics may be required. Pus from infections in reptiles is very thick and not liquid like in mammals, so while antibiotics are usually started to battle these infections the pus from them will often remain. Sometimes the sinus or eye socket needs to be opened with minor surgery to remove the pus from the infection.
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